I’m a UI designer in Chicago. Working as a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on printmaking, drawing, installation, and music has given me a keen sense of color, form, and craft. I received my MFA in 2011 where I developed a highly iterative and rigorous studio practice which explored creativity as a ritual and a primary mode of human interaction. While at DESIGNATION, I focused on applying these skills and process to interface design. I’m excited to utilize my unique experiences to take on a variety of new design challenges that come from a rapidly changing digital world.    
I'm a color enthusiast who is drawn to clean geometric designs and enamored with micro-interactions. I love to work with other designers, visionaries, and entrepreneur to create delightfully engaging experiences. When I'm not designing I enjoy reading history, philosophy, and classic literature, cooking, and traveling and hiking with my wife. Feel free to reach out to me. You can find me on Behance, LinkedIn, or contact me at tdwyer919@gmail.com.
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